Our Company

Culture, Purpose, Vision and Core Values

Our History


Leading Edge was originally created in 2003 to provide " a la carte " HR Services to small and mid-sized businesses in Miami. Today, we continue to provide exceptional HR services to this and many companies from different industries. Leading Edge HR understands all facets of human resources management and provides Advanced Workforce Solutions for small and mid-size companies.


The financial strength of Leading Edge HR and our association with “A” rated carriers contribute to the stability and excellence of the products and services that we provide to our clients. 


Our services include payroll, employee benefits, risk management and HR administration to modern companies under a co-employment services model.


Leading Edge’s mission is to create a world with more optimism and fewer concerns by continuously reducing administrative tasks, legal risk and financial exposure of small and mid-sized companies.


Imagine a HR partner that transforms concerns into optimism and peace of mind, payroll, benefits, risk management and HR administration to make you stay ahead of the game while saving money and growing your business.


That’s why we started Leading Edge!

Leading Edge


Our purpose, vision, mission and core values ​​are seen in attitude to work and our commitment to clients. We define our “Culture” as the values we want to promote within our company and it is remains our source of inspiration – one that describes the business environment we want to create. These principles guide us in our daily activities

Our Purpose


To facilitate an environment that encourages enthusiasm and commitment; to make the lives of our clients and coworkers easier and better.


Our Vision


Through integrity and hard work be the human resources leader serving small and mid-sized companies in South Florida. 


Our Mission

To provide the highest quality of personalized service and simplifying our client's administrative tasks. 

Core Values

The values ​​that we seek to promote are based on four ways of thinking and acting:

Ownership Mentality


Taking ownership to overcome challenges.

At LeadingEdge we promote a culture of taking personal responsibility and for employee to have courage, where each employee can make their own decisions to overcome any challenges facing the company. We encourage each employee to have the freedom to make the appropriate decisions so that they can help make continuous improvements to our company. Each employee has the power to have an impact on the success of our company.

Creator Mentality


Together: Create a Company We Want


Together we have the power and the freedom to create the company we like to see in the future.

Go to an Extra Mile Mentality


Beating our customer's expectations

At LeadingEdge we don’t just want to be true to our promises, but to exceed customer’s expectations. To promote a culture of employees taking initiative; an environment of innovation where tasks are completed with enthusiasm so we can provide exceptional service to our customers.

Instead of having a work environment that is reactive, we want to create a culture where client’ needs are anticipated and provide solutions.

Do the Right Thing Mentality


Doing the right thing the first time.


Always doing what is right and not what is convenient. Let’s do the right thing, even when no one looking!

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