What is a P.E.O?

PEOs (Professional Employer Organizations) partner with companies to provide comprehensive HR to help manage a company’s human resources, employee benefits, regulatory compliance, and payroll outsourcing.


A PEO works through a co-employment arrangement, which means the PEO contractually shares certain employer responsibilities with the company.

Covering you under our umbrella

We like to think of Leading Edge as an umbrella because as a PEO, we can band our customers’ employees together under the Leading Edge umbrella. That way, our clients get access to big-company benefits for affordable rates and support for their employment-related compliance needs. They can also streamline their back office functions like payroll and HR in one place. 







Leading Edge - your HR Partner

When a company enter into a relationship with a Professional Employer Organization (PEO), there exists a co-employment arrangement in which both the PEO and client have an employment relationship with the employee. The PEO contractually allocates and shares traditional employer responsibilities with the client company. The diagram illustrates the responsibilities, benefits and synergies between the client company, the employees and Leading Edge HR.



Hire/Release Employees with the Assistance of Leading Edge.


Supervise Employees


Manage and Operate Business


Control Worksite Activities


Focus on Business Development and Profitability


Establish Worksite Policies and Procedures


Ensure Worksite Safety


for Employees

Comprehensive Benefits On-Time and Accurate Payroll


Professional Orientation and Employee Handbook


Assistance with Employment-Related Problems


Improved Employer-Employee Communication Statutory Protection


Consistent Policies/Procedures

Leading Edge


Professional Human Resources Services


Provide and Administer Extraordinary  Company Benefits


Packages Payroll Administration


Workers’ Compensation administration/Risk Management


Cost Containment

Why Companies switch PEOs

Lots of companies hire PEOs to handle their Payroll, HR and Workers Comp services – and for good reasons too. Research has shown that the average company that hires a PEO will save 35% on the cost of HR Administration!

Other Reasons to work with PEOs include:

Experienced a 35% cost savings on HR Administration

Were 50% less likely to go out of business

Experienced 23-32% lower employee turnover

Grew 7- 9 % faster on average

Were 28% more satisfied with selection of health care benefits

Interested in how switching to a P.E.O can benefit your company?

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